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    3 Nov 2014 In some situations the only solution is to restart your PC. If you are using Windows 8.1 you won’t need to perform a hard reboot (disconnecting
    28 Jan 2013
    8 Feb 2019 Reset your PC to reinstall Windows but delete your files, settings, and If your PC came with Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1, you’ll need the
    10 Dec 2018 See What Version of Windows Do I Have? if you’re not sure which of those several How to Reboot a Windows 10 or Windows 8 Computer.
    Want to know how to factory reset a computer? show you the best methods to reset a Windows computer using Windows 10, 8, or 7. But how do you do that?
    10 Mar 2012 Looking for information on Windows 8 Shutdown !? Learn how to shutdown and restart Windows 8 computer quickly. There are 10 ways to do it.
    To restart Windows 8, move the cursor to the upper/lower right corner > Click you can force a shutdown by pressing and holding the computer’s power button,
    15 Apr 2014 Shut Down Using the Settings Charm – Windows 8 & 8.1. The “traditional” way of shutting down the computer in Windows 8 & 8.1 is via the Settings charm. Press Windows + I on your keyboard and then click or tap Power. If you are using touch, flick from the right side of the screen, tap Settings and then the Power button.
    TileWorld and desktop. If you right-click the button, you get a secret menu of useful commands (The Start Button)—and in Windows 8.1, one of them is “Shut
    This wikiHow teaches you how to safely reboot your Windows or macOS computer. Explore this Article Windows 10 and 8/8.1 Windows 7 and Vista On a Mac Questions . How do you get my computer to stop asking for a password?


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